The Mint + Modern Experience

Ever wonder what goes into every product you purchase at a store?  I know I have!  The experience and/or unboxing that comes along with your order is extremely important to me.  So what goes into the Mint + Modern experience?

1. It starts with the product itself, which is fully designed with high quality materials and countless hours determining how a design will look at the end result. 

2. Now how I deliver that product to you is equally important.  I have hand selected the mailers and types of boxes that your item will arrive in.  Hours or even days of research, product testing and trial and error have gone into the selection of the packaging products that I use.

3. What is in your package? If you ordered a shirt or fabric item you can guess that it will likely be placed in a protective covering for shipment.  This includes poly shirt bags or poly zippered bags depending on the item.  If you ordered something else such as jewelry, your item is going to be boxed and wrapped in brown kraft paper and occasionally topped with some twine!  The additional layer of protection cuts out the need for bubbles, packing peanuts, etc.  It is also helps ensure that nothing happens to your order while in the care of the mail carrier.

4. Eye-catching and appreciated details such as stickers, branded tapes and cards are all a part of our experience here as well.  I have designed enclosure stickers that let you know where your items came from.  I have also designed care cards and depending on what you have ordered you may receive a coordinating card that lets you know how to take care of your items.  

5. Added bonus: I love hand-making and writing out birthday cards for the little ones who are receiving little birthday shirts from my shop.  Each child always receives a hand-made card from me.  I love the reactions and sincere appreciation that always comes along with this!  

Now that you know the what, why, and how; what do you think of our packaging?  Drop us a comment below!

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