The Mint + Modern Family

Kathryn - Owner

The designer, creator, and maker at Mint + Modern. Kathryn holds an Associate in Interior Design, and an Associate in Fine Art, and is continuing her education to be an art teacher. She likes to spend her spare time exploring the world.

Carson & Talon

These two are the reason we do things all Mint + Modern. Both boys love helping their mom run the family business by running the register, organizing, and assisting with online orders. Carson is only 14, but he likes to help by "holding up the counter" at the store.  He greets everyone and brightens their day! Talon is 10 and loves to help run the machines and checkout customers.

Lance - Weeder

Lance is a mechanic by trade but volunteers his off time to Mint + Modern as the "professional weeder".  He makes sure all the excess vinyl doesn't make it to your final product.