New Name, New Direction

Today I am planning for the future of Mint + Modern.  In our previous post we mentioned that our new name was part of an overall business plan.  That plan includes the decision of what Mint + Modern will carry in-store.  Just to touch on some awesome items you can currently find our store, here's a few: original shirt designs and decals, home decor, jewelry and accessories, youth tees, drinkware and more.  After two and a half years of business we have decided to move in a slightly different direction.  Keep reading to find out where we are going...

1. We are discontinuing home decor in our store.  I absolutely love making wood items but the time and effort does not convert nor make sense to carry in store regularly.  In the near future all of our already made signs will be on heavy discount to make room for what is to come.  This does not mean that we are declining special order projects (because it is something that we love!).  If you have a wood project please still reach out so we can make that fabulous piece for your home.

2. Youth is HUGE in our e-commerce sector but it is not as big in store.  From time to time it actually confuses potential clients to think that we are only a kid's store.  We currently showcase our youth tees on a rather large table front and center but that will be changing this Summer.  We will still offer youth in store as we are not doing away with it just rethinking how it is displayed.  

3. Accessories are very important in our storefront.  Shopping local means finding something perfect for your upcoming event to go with your already perfect outfit.  Our handmade jewelry does very well, however we are going to be adding in more accessories from outside vendors as we cannot keep up with the demand. 

So, what are we doing?  Where are we going?  What can you look forward to?

Today we are joining fellow entrepreneurs at one of the largest apparel shows on the east coast.  We are going to be adding bottoms, shoes, more accessories, jewelry, and potentially handbags.  We want to complete your looks, style you, and have fun doing it!  We have been planning for this for over a year, now is the time to make it happen!  

In the coming weeks you will have to excuse our mess in the store as we remodel, revamp, and restock. 

New features to look forward to:
  • Fully stocked denim wall 
  • New youth section but with the same great tees
  • Revamped accessory and jewelry wall
  • New center table showcasing some of our work as well as new products
  • Additional mannequins around store to see cut and style of our popular tees
  • Redecorated fitting room with easy open and close curtains that fully close

These changes will occur over the Summer months and are set to be complete by beginning of August.  Stay tuned for the next update after we attend the event.  This will include sneak peeks as well as all of the highlights from our experience at the show.

Thank you for following along y'all!  Have a happy weekend!!

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