Mom All Day, Boutique Owner All Day

Hello!  It has been a while since I had a minute to sit down and chat.  A lot has happened at Mint + Modern since the last time I checked in.  We've talked about the name change, the new business plan, the remodel and our customer experience.  We've been expanding our retail space for several months now and cannot wait to share that with you.  Now lets talk about mom-owned businesses.

I have been a mother for going on 13 years come April.  T H I R T E E N.  Y'all, where did that time go?! Being a mom is my first and most important job before everything.  I know other moms reading this can relate.  Your life literally revolves around everything the kids do.  From sports, events, school, extracurriculars, to fulfilling their needs before your own and just making sure they are ultimately well taken care of.  We, as mothers, take care of our greatest little accomplishments (the kids) before we take care of ourselves.  We are moms ALL DAY.

Now lets talk about mom-owned businesses.  Over the last three years, my kids even came before my business.  The business that feeds us, clothes us and makes sure we have somewhere to live.  The great thing about owning my company is that when I need to leave, I can.  If I have to close for a week because I have a sick child, I can.  If I want to take a mental health day to recollect to continue to be the best mom, I can.  However, with taking off you are still penalized just like if you were employed elsewhere.  When I close my doors for an hour, day, or week; I lose money, I get behind and sometimes I lose clients.  But I am only one person and remember the kids come first.  Those boys I call mine do not necessarily run the show but they completely depend on me to be there when needed.  That same mentality funnels over to my company where my clients depend on ME to design a perfect shirt, put together a stunning outfit or make the perfect gift.

Supporting mom-owned business is wonderful, because with every dollar she makes, the kids are taken care of and she is taken care of.  Mom-owned business is important.  Moms are compassionate, loving, and prioritizers. We are budgeters, budgeters of time and money.  We are used to taking care of the important stuff which rolls over into our companies.  We appreciate every step made into our shops, each online sale, and every single client connection we make.  Why do we appreciate it so much? Because we get to fulfill our dreams and our children's too.  

Support a mom chasing her goals!

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