Are You Even The Same Store?!

My favorite question the past few weeks, "Are you the same store from before?"

Of course the answer is YES!  Rebranding is tough, like real tough.  There is so much unfinished work that still has to go into the overall rebrand of Mint + Modern.  For example, the majority of the photos have the old Crafty Mom logo overlaid.  That update is probably one of the most time consuming out of anything that I have had to accomplish.  You might find the occasional product photo in the Etsy store updated but those photos are being updated in the "down" time which just happens to be when our household is sleeping.  So you can imagine that there isn't much of that time available.  

Then there are other elements of a rebrand that just have to work themselves out with time, like price tags.  Being wasteful is not cool with me, so I have made the conscious effort to really use up all of our branded materials such as price tags before I move into using the new ones.  It is more of a minor detail that sometimes goes unnoticed so it really isn't necessary to waste.

The most important, recognized and immediate changes have been the look of the store.  Going back to my favorite question, "is this the same store?!".  Over the past two weeks I have had new and returning faces comment on the look of the store.  New clients are asking if I am still the same store from before, and why, yes, I am!  Returning clients are saying that they feel as if they are in a whole new store and need to process it all.  This is wonderful because change is what keeps it interesting and fun, especially when you have been walking into the same place for 2 1/2 years.  So, for those of you who haven't been able to drop in, what have we done so far?  Keep reading to find out...

Shirt Display: I decided to go in a different direction with how the shirts are displayed.  I have tons of custom designed shirts that I have created but they were on a regular rack that you could not see the designs unless you sifted through each and every one.  This seems to become a problem because looking through a rack full of shirts with size as the only method of organization, you may miss some awesome designs that can be made on the spot in other sizes.  So I changed it by making a forward facing display.  Within the forward facing display, I have color, style, and size organization.  

Accessory Display: Before I had a table with all of the jewelry and small items stacked pretty tightly.  A whole new feature wall has been put in!  In the same space as before, I transformed the wall to feature a dark barnwood from floor to ceiling with many hooks displaying a variety of different jewelry items.  

Additional Accessory Display:  The old jewelry table was repurposed into the center of the room where more jewelry, keychains, bralettes, and shoes are now displayed.  This table will be the area of the store that will change the most, so always be on the lookout for new items.  

Denim Wall: The old decor wall has been reorganized and repurposed for a fully functioning denim display.  In the next few days, the denim will be stocked on these shelves as I am still waiting on the shipment as of today.  I know a lot of ladies who are patiently awaiting the Judy Blue arrival!

In closing, we (myself and my boyfriend) are still working to make the store as fabulous as we possibly can!  Stay tuned for what's still to come and stop in, we'd love to meet you!

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